Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bumps in the Night

Hey Folks,

You know the old saying "It can't hurt to ask?" or is it "No one got anywhere ithout asking for something"? I don't know... whatever it is the other as I'm getting a ride back to my car from Jenni Powell, she starts talking about Bumps in the Night.

She's organizing things, and wearing a lot of hats and I get this little edgy tumor somewhere in my gut that's like "That'd be fun to work on". Now normally I'd just let it fester, hoping someone can read me mind and then be like "oh well that didn't happen"

This time however I couldn't hold it back, maybe it's all that coughing I've been doing lately. But I had to get it out. I found my opening and expressed my interest in directing and episode.

Two days later I'm in the press release.

Tomorrow I head off to the production meeting.

Saturday I direct (and maybe Sunday - it's pretty ambitious at 12 pages right now. But I actually think we can pull it off in one day)

Stay Strong,



JenniPowell said...

Hey, I live by "it doesn't hurt to ask". :)

Good to have you on board, sir.