Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fury of SamProof

Hey Folks,

A few days ago I got a call from Emmett Furey, just a quick reminder about the shoot the next day. To which I freaked out, cause I'd almost completely forgotten about it. I then proceeded to go to an extremely large birthday party, and stayed way too late.

The next day I showed up wide eyed and eager (after barely any sleep - thankfully I'm used to functioning on this level).

We shot in two locations, one in NoHo, in which I actually got in front of the camera to reprise my roll as Sam Proof, Vlogger. It's funny because - SamProof (the youtube version of me) is already a heightened sense of myself. But some how the Fury of Solace version of me, is an even more heightened version of the youtube version of me.

Once my scene was done I shot a bunch of behind the scenes footage for the guys. It wasn't till we hit the second location in Silver Lake that I finally got a chance to pull out my little point and shoot and snap off some pics for me.

Here are some of my favs - but you can check out the whole album here

Stay Strong,