Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday Top 5 Feb 22

Hey Folks,

5) The Lashers - Yesterday Feels Like a Year
Why: This was actually a total accident. I was looking for songs on and I hit the space bar to stop the current video. But whatever happened, instead of stopping it queued the next song and this came on. And I liked it! :)

4) Cursive - Dorothy at Forty
Why: This is actually the most played song on my iTunes. I'm a little shocked my ownself. I mean I love it. It's a great song, And yes I've only had this line up of songs on my iTunes for like 3 years (that's when I got the computer)... but still it seemed pretty recent for this song to have beaten out bands like All, Pegboy and the Misfits. I mean things that I've had in my rotation for almost 2 decades.. but there it is, this is my most played song on this computer.

3) The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy!
Why: So oddly enough, I was reviewing a recently finished project, when I logged in to archive the casting call and found that there were 4 new submissions. Sadly I'd already shot the piece, but amongst the submissions was the girl from this video. Odder still a friend had previously to me he had a crush on her the night before!

2) Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket
Why: Yesterday I tweeted about how under rated I thought Sonic Youth was. They're one of my top 20 bands of all time, maybe even top 10. Hell maybe even top 5. Yes they're that good. I acknowledge, they've done some shit I don't care for. They've experimented and from time to time made stuff I didn't care for.. but then there are songs like Silver Rocket, Dirty Boots and everything off 'Day dream nation' that will always make them one of my favorite bands.

1) Avail - Hang
Why: Honestly this was a mistake. Someone wrote a status update about some other band, Anvil or something... and boom the memory sparked. I instantly thought of Avail. I thought of this song. I thought of their cover of 'Pink Houses' I thought of the album 4am. I thought of John Davies who burnt me a copy of this album. So I present one of my favorite songs from this epic band that sport the lyrics "i heard you got robbed last week, did you know i got shot last night?"

Stay Strong,