Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zeus Shall Returnith!

Hey Folks,

If you've been following along recently you may have noticed a series of of events/posts that you've either linked together or haven't.

I've been really freaking busy (so much so that my plan to do one youtube video a week has failed). A friend of mine recently lent me his blue screen. It's awesome!

Picture #228

So far the only thing you'll see it's been used in (videowise) is this week's Video Fight Club promo with Jen Friel And that's pretty basic stuff. I've got something coming up that's crazy big. In fact I'm procrastinating writing this blog cause I'm almost intimidated to start working on it.

This week I organized a photoshoot, brought on a Hair Stylist, a Make Up Artist (who sadly ended up bailing due to a dead car) and two models. Then I took the Zeus Toga out of retirement.

Picture #232

Yes that's right Zeus is coming Back!

But you've never seen Zeus like this!

Picture #234

Yep I'm stepping up my game to more then just me in a dress. I'm doing some crazy fnal cut and after effects maneuvers to turn Zeus in to a Jib Jab/Clip Critics style bobblehead. Technically I'll be making an animation of myself and my beautiful Greecian assistants.

I'm not making this total common knowledge yet, but this first video will actually be the results of the Battle of the Youtube Nonstars Round 2 video. So it'll be a twofold come back for me.

Stay Strong,