Saturday, March 27, 2010

Web Sponsorship and scams

Hey Folks,

So I've come to realize that I need a marketing guy, or business partner to handle business type things.

In my efforts to turn Video Fight Club in to something bigger I've reached out to a few "Web networks", Revision3, DailyMotion, etc...

I recieved an email response almost immediately from one of, what I'm going to call one of the smaller of these types of "companies" I use the word loosely.

And in it they quoted me a price of 500 dollars. Not money I would see, but a price per episode to have my material played on their "network" (again I use this term loosely). They also asked for a commitment of 4 episodes.

Here's the email snippet:

I like that they cover the cost to "distribute to iTunes" I know it would really put me out to upload that all by myself (oh wait, automatically syndicates my content to iTunes!)

I get it - they've got an actual studio with big fancy equipment to pay for.

But this isn't how things work.

And further more (and yes I know this particular "company" is on more then just stickam... but) this week my 1 hour show got more views then all their programming for the week on stickam?!

What this tells me is, apparently I could be making more money then I thought (which is roughly .17 cents a day - thank youtube!)

So anyone want to sponsor a one hour webshow? I'll do a "this clip brought to you buy" type of dealie... eat/drink/wear your product... whatever. Let's talk!

Stay Strong,