Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Heart U Trista Styles

Hey Folks,

So I just received a tag on facebook. I have a defense mechanism, typically I'll get a tag, click a link and go "great now I'm gonna get stupid notifications everytime someone responds to this"

Today I sat laughing to myself.

This was the best tag ever. For those of you that can't see the link. It looks like this:

If you're unfamiliar with Trista, she's a one time vlogger that just returned to vlogging. She doesn't do it often, or at least not often enough as far as I'm concerned but I enjoy watching her.

Stay Strong,


PS - for the record, this is the 2nd LA Fiesta teams Mural wall. Which is why I thought it was even funnier. Our Mural wall should be completed tomorrow at 7753 Melrose Avenue. Jen and I will be there, come join us!