Friday, September 18, 2009

What's New ?!

Hey Folks,

So I just got back from my Improv Practice Group's first practice together.

We're all a little rusty, but within that I see the potential for something great. Which is frankly, great.

Last Sunday I had the first meeting of my writers group for the Vampire web series I'm producing. The series will be based on a novel I'm about half way through writing.

On Sunday we outlined a 10 episode season and flushed out some ideas. So again, I'm really excited about that. I'm hoping to shoot some stuff to make a trailer of sorts by halloween - though It'll probably be more of a teaser, since I'm the only role actually cast yet.

And finally next Wednesday I start a new improv class, which I'm excited about.

Oh and I'm working on a Comic book. In fact I need to send the script and storyboards to my illustrator right now. Maybe I'll post some in a bit.

So there's a lot of new beginnings happening. Feels like Spring not Fall.

Stay Strong,