Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Blog Project

Hey Folks,

So I'm always working on something. Spreading myself out too thin and then burning out.

But now I've come up with a new project aimed at generating a community of creative people that can grow together.
is the sister project to my live streaming web show, and it's community at

It's a group of bloggers/vloggers/cartoonists and humorists coming together in one place to share their ideas, things they find on the web and opinions.

My team has already been joined by the talented and funny mypinkelephants & mgphenom from youtube.

and I'm talking to a few other people as well.

If you're interested let me know!

I'm looking for people that can do a weekly blog. Though you can more, you can do videos, you just post photoshopped things you've done.

Topics can be Anything that's web related, comedy, Movie, TV, comics, etc

Stay Strong,