Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Project You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Last year for nanowrimo I started writing a vampire novel.

Then it sat around for several months as I got sucked into a hundred other things, as life went crazy, as everything went completely fucking nutter. But hey - things have calmed down some since.

So I've picked up the novel and started going over it, it's about halfway finished.

As I've been going over it I kept thinking "man this would be a cool series"

I made a few failed attempts to try writing the novel and write a series. But I keep going back and forth on how to bring the voice of the novel in to the series, or whether I shouldn't just remove the series from the novel and such.

So I've assembled a small team of writers to write the series based on my work.

Today is our first meeting.

Stay Strong,