Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Ready to Get Gone.

Hey Folks,

This is my novel. This is Gone.
I've been talking about it here and there for 3 years now. And in the meantime it's been sitting there gathering dust.

I grew up in a time before the complete internet saturation that we have now. In my youth people had dreams like being a Blockbuster celebrity, a Super Model, a Best Selling Author. Something that the globe would respect.

I've always held to the dream that I would be a Steven King, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams. That I would have a shelf in Borders and Barns & Nobels right next to Annie Proulx or whatever smaller flavor of the month has snuck on to the spot.

So when POD and Self Publishing options became readily available on the internet I shunned them (a lot).

As the internet has taken over the idea of Niche Celebrity has become prominent.

And I'm sitting here wondering what's worse? Not seeing my childhood dream taken to completion, or having my book not even be read by a single person.

I think the fear one might have of the former, is that this is their only shot.
That if they put it out there and it's not instantly a giant success, then they've failed.

I know that 'Gone' will not be the end of my attempts, will not be the last book I write or put out there. So if it fails, if it doesn't become an over night sensation, I'll live through it.

So What Happens Now?

Now, I put it out there.

I'm giving myself one month to get my shit together. To research the different POD companies, the Self publishers, send query letters out to small publishers, literary agents, anyone... and then I make a choice and go forward with publishing Gone .

As my friends

I ask that you hold me to it.

We all know I'm as ADD as the next guy and tomorrow something shiny will distract me.

But this is the biggest dream I have, get my book on the shelves, and this is the first step.

  • So ask me how things are going.
  • Tweet me links to POD sites
  • Post blogs about my efforts
  • encourage me, cheer me on, be a part of this journey with me.
  • tell me what you want to see while I'm doing this
Just writing this, I get that shiver in my spine and a pulse in my eyes.

I know this is what I must do, I know the outcome I want.
It's just finding the path to that place that I'm lost on.
So Now I'm going as far in to the woods as I can, because that's the only way to find your way out.

Stay Strong,



John Lacey said...

You know it's funny, when a business publishes a book and sells its on its website they're being entreprenuarial. They've got an "information product." When an author publishes their own book you'll hear (from certain sections) snide remarks and inferences about it possibly "not being good enough."

It's a silly distinction and one I think a lot of creative people have internalised. They sometimes look for someone 'important' to sign off on them. Whether it's an agent or a publisher or whatever. There's a part of me that wants to draw a parallel with acting. You know you can sit around waiting for the phone to ring or you can be more proactive and create your own projects, your own one man show, your own webseries...

By all means explore all your options (and I'm keen to see where the next 30 days take you) but don't die with the novel sitting in a drawer somewhere. Don't deny humanity your particular individual contribution just because a deal didn't 'come together' or that the powers that be couldn't decide on which market gap you might fit.

SamProof said...


Drawing the parallel to acting is actually probably what's slowly brought me out of thinking the other way.

Brought me from trying to find a single 'person of power' to validate me. The truth is, it will always come down to the masses to validate a movie, TV show, or a book.

It's the things that live on beyond the marketing that I want to create.

If I don't come out of the gate like Avatar, that's fine. I just want to slowly find my audience and build my niche.

Thanks !