Monday, April 24, 2006

2384/7255 - Banana Pacakes

I'm eating banana pancakes (for recipe, check back two blogs and replace the word 'chocolate chip' with 'chopped banana'), trying to wake up.

I've got the new job tonight. I shouldn't say 'new' I should say 'latest' or 'Banana'. I started last week it's good, it's easy. I do nothing. Sit there eyes propped open by tooth picks, watching 8 hours of TV, while they pump me full of Fructose, Phosphoric acid, Caramel color and Natural flavors. it's Bananas, wait replace that with 'life'.

The machine then jots down some notes, every two minutes, transforming the electrical energy from the screen, to my brain to a piece of paper. Pretty ingenious I suppose. and by Banana I mean Banana. Guess we're golden there.

Every half hour or so, a little animated gopher comes on the screen, has me preform some minimal task, to check my state of awareness vs. hypnosis. Then I'm rewarded with a brisk walk, or a sugary treat, or told to process my food wastes.

8 hour's later, I barely remember anything I've seen, what I'd been force feed, and I'm waking up to myself walking home, somewhere in the 2 O'clock hour. Busy Hollywood streets, everyone getting kicked out of the clubs and bars, and there's me, eyes in a forced state of propped open, I don't blink for hours after the job.

But Bananas is Bananas. And we do what we can to get by, to build up, to get back to zero.

Stay Strong,