Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once Twice Three Times A Blogger

OK So I'm trying to make this thing a little more active, catch up on some things I've been meaning to blog about and just actually give the 4 and half people that actually watch this thing some thing to comment on.

(so comment yo - just to say hi or whatever)

But yes more blogs to come.

Here's a quick wrap up of things to come - (this is half to act as a reminder to me, as much as it is to potentially tantalize you in to coming back)

  • Butterflies the Youtube Documentary Screening
  • Behind the scenes of Crank 2 Spoof with Brittani Taylor aka RAT
  • Shane Dawson aka Splenda addict
  • Battle of the Youtube NonStars 3
  • Live Music at Camp Hollywood
  • 2nd Annual SamProof Con aka Youtube Meet up LA May 23rd in Griffith Park
There's probably a few things I'm forgetting but that's a pretty good start. Check back soon

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btw - speaking of Battle of the Youtube Nonstars #3

Who are you favorite tubers with less than 1000 subscribers?

Stay Strong,