Thursday, April 23, 2009

3rd Ever Battle of the Youtube Nonstars

Hey Folks,

OK I'm trying to work on that list of things to blog about! So here's a quickie.

I'm taking over the Battle of the Youtube Nonstars.
Started by Jenluv37 Nonstars was a really fun event that I took part in (the 2nd one technically).

Jen game youtubers with less than 1000 subscribers a place to be seen and to meet each other. Then she got knocked up and had no time to do a third one.

So I'm taking over - because, well - nobody's gonna knock me up!

And I want to help give back to the youtube community. Which seems like youtube has been loosing lately, a community. I'm hoping we can preserve the sense of competative spirit that was presnt when I was in nonstars; it was a very friendly atmoshpere, everyone had fun and cheered each other one - even direct compitioin.

I'm going to make Nonstars part of the Failpire regieme so it's homebase will be over at

Head over there and keep informed about what's happening with it.
I have to wait for April to finish before I can really get to work on this, so I'm thinking that it'll start in June. Which means I need nominations for youtubers with less than 1000 subscribers

The to do/blog list:
  • Butterflies the Youtube Documentary Screening
  • Behind the scenes of Crank 2 Spoof with Brittani Taylor aka RAT
  • Shane Dawson aka Splenda addict
  • Battle of the Youtube NonStars 3
  • Live Music at Camp Hollywood
  • 2nd Annual SamProof Con aka Youtube Meet up LA May 23rd in Griffith Park

Stay Strong,


PS I'm not calling this the 3rd Annual Battle of the Youtube Nonstars, becuase if it goes over well I might try to do more then 1 a year maybe as many as 4 a year. Just a thought.


John Lacey said...

You are going to do Shane Dawson? Wait... that came out wrong.