Monday, December 22, 2008

Who's ready to get Scrooged?

and the onslaught of Holiday videos continues. Now that the animation is out of the way, let's start things off right with a sexy girl in a sexy outfit talking all sorts of Christmas dirty.

Lazer Collection Holiday Edition - Sexy Time

This Season - Have a Blast!

What better way to spend the holidays then with a sexy little number. And this one's got a big dose of yule tide innuendo.

So Get Ready to "stick a wreath on your door" if you know I mean
Lay back and let us "set up a nativity scene on your lawn" if you catch my drift.

Wouldn't this make a great greeting card?

More Holiday and Laser videos are on their way!

Shoop da Whoop and to all a good

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Cast & Crew
Who's ready to get Scrooged?
starring :
Caitlin Cauchy
Chris VanArtsdalen

Fletcher Kauffman

Produced & Directed by:
Sam Proof

Head Writer:
Sam Proof

Robert Emmanuel
Sam Proof

Production Coordinator:
Robert Emmanuel

and Contributing Writers from Solar Proof Writers Group

Stay Strong,