Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm making a web series!

Hey Folks,

A few months back I sat down at my favorite pizza place, then my favorite cafe. I spent about 20 hours between the two places adn when I got up to go home that day I had a 8 episode web series.

I just re-read it, and I'm excited to move forward on making it a reality. I've done a first revision, and am looking for a writer to bring on the completely write the 7th episode. But beyond that, it's ready to go.

I've already started casting and so far my cast is amazing. Without dropping names (yet) I've got:
1) Guy who's appeared on several episodes of Community
2) Guy who's appeared on Reno 911, several commercials, and appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, SpikeTV - and is on a house team at UCB thearter
3) Guy who was on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, 20th most watched live streamer on stickam, and 15,000 subs on youtube (oh right that's me)

and last but not least
4) a Guy who was on comedy central presents, Jimmy Kimmel, scare tactics, comedy gumbo and more!

I'm psyched

Stay Strong,