Friday, July 16, 2010

Erica From the Toyota Commerical (real person or actress) - The Answer!

Hey Folks,

So recently I turn on the TV and I see this Toyota Commercial - with this girl. This Girl named Erica. This girl named Erica, that I know!

So immediately I check out her facebook to just double check. to Go leave a wall comment, but I'm greeted by a barrage of people congratulating her on the commercial (and the car). So I write her an email and congratulate her.

For all of you that are curious - this is all for real.

Toyota up and gave Erica a Corolla. She didn't know it was going to happen, she wasn't hired by Toyota. She is a pastry chef. Her website The Chocolate House is here
There's also a Facebook page for The Chocolate House

However she is actually also an aspiring actress. But not a working actress (well till now, kind of). So in a way both things are true. Here's a picture I took of her a few years back.

I recently talked her in to getting more online. You can now also find her on:
Twitter -
Dailybooth -

Stay Strong,