Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life Moves On

Hey Folks,

So crazy big changes in my life.

For starters I'm back working in reality TV - I'll get to that in the future...

I've been dating this girl. If that's what you want to call it. I mean I suppose it fits. Thing is. there's a deadline. Come July we're splitzville. and honestly, for some reason, having that knowledge seems to have made this the best relationship I've ever had. Give or take, top 3 for sure.. I mean in order for it to really be the best I suppose it wouldn't end.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I just wanted to put it down for posterity sake.

My improv team Donut Video has been performing a lot and we recently got accepted in to the Del Close Marathon (which is a big deal in the community, I know people that didn't get in that are pissed). So end of July (after being really depressed from losing the best girl i've ever dated) something awesome happens and I go to New York with my team. that'll be amazing.

Also come End of July I think we turn over the keys for a Ford fiesta (which I've driven like 6 times)... I don't know, the whole thing barely existed for me except as stress and disappointments... I honestly had to fight for every ounce of fun I wanted to have. And I wish it had been a different event all together. I still love the things I actually got to do. but I just wanted so much more out of it.

Anyway Thursday our short film plays on the big screen in Burbank... but you can get the small screen version right here.

Finally I'm executive producing two shows. one with my fiesta partner Jen Friel (which I've talked about)...

but Also - and now introducing 'The AFK Show' - AFK will take you away from the keyboard and on location to some of the coolest new web shows being shot in Hollywood, by professionals, indies and even youtubers!

Stay Strong,