Friday, April 16, 2010

The Stickam 2 Million Goal

Hey Folks,

So a few of you have already noticed, I've been live streaming a lot more often lately.
There was a day and time where I used to go live on Stickam nearly every night, and for hours.

Then with work, and life, and anti social behavior I cut back. I started doing the weekly Failpire show. And that was enough for me for a while.

Recently, with the shows getting upwards of 20,000 views on average I've gotten a renewed vim and vigor and I can see crossing the 2 million views line, which brings me about half a million views away from being on the top twenty all time most viewed people on stickam....

So I'm focused on a goal.

I've had two ideas recently; I do the Thursday show regularly at 3pm PST - so I'm thinking of doing another regular show/chat. Possibly on Sundays

I'm also thinking of doing a 24 hour stream, to be tied in with my novel Gone, but to be filled with lots of guests, muscians, youtubers, comedy... like a telethon for my novel.

Stay Strong,