Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Show Stats Update

Hey Folks,

I'm totally obsessed with my own stats, as I'm sure most people who make any kind of web content are.

I've decided in some kind of complete transparency to start posting my stickam show stats. Since my hour long show is on thursdays, I'll try to get these up regularly on Fridays (cause after that, the stickam rankings change and you can't find em again!)

I'm not a 100% how the stickam Stream Rank works, but it's the first thing that comes up. So it's pretty much the most important one, and I'm glad to be in the Top 5 (and that's All Channels, not genre specific!)

If you want to get genre specific though... BAMN!

That's me, #1 before the skinny blonde chick and English dude (I love Myles, he's cool)

and then finally this is the Most Watched category.

so just under 24,000 for about an hour and a half of streaming. Go me! :)

Stay Strong,