Friday, March 19, 2010

The Price of Success

Hey Folks,

So I'm sitting here procrastinating on cutting one of two videos I have imported, that I need to finish... so naturally instead I'm blogging. (here & on

Here's the problem, it's not the procrastination.

It's not the 5 posts I put up that got only a handful of views.

The problem is stuff like this : 5 Epic Things – Dramatic Photographs

Out of nowhere it suddenly jumps from 20 views to 200.
And now I'm stuck hitting the refresh button watching as ever 20 seconds or so it jumps again.

And then it slows at 212 and you're wondering "Why did that get so many more views, then the obligatory post with a hot chick(NSFW) in it!" and then you're stuck thinking "why the hell did it only get that many views!?"

Oh wait it just got another one. Ok, it's not dead in the water yet.

But see here's the rub, success on the web becomes instant obsession. I'll sit here not editing for hours cycling through tabs and hitting the refresh button on the stats window as I come back to it.

I think I need an app that reads out my wordpress stats every 5 seconds. Then maybe I'd stop looking at it and actually come close to getting stuff done.

Stay Strong,



John Lacey said...

It's nice that such information is being recorded, but you really need to get back to work!

[And it's kind of nice too that dramatic photographs garner attention and not just, say, girls with strategically placed games controllers...]