Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec 13 Ice Cream and Violins Day!

No one seems to know why this holiday exists, not event the big wigs.

But instead of questioning "Why, why, who spends the time and energy making this official." (and then most likely drinking yourself off in to a whiskey induced comma, just embrace it. Then drink the whiskey anyway, cause shit man, whiskey is God's gift.

As far as weird and wacky December Holidays go, I think this one is epic! I mean seriously who eats ice cream in the winter, let alone while holding their stratavarious? But more importantly, maybe we should be asking ourselves, why don't we do that?!

Here's to December 13th, Ice Cream and Violins Day!


*downs whiskey*

Stay Strong,


special thanks to @MustBeBenHughes for the violin body.