Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robot Chicken Star Wars Skate tour!

Last Night I went to the Robot Chicken Skate Tour

They had one of those internet Photobooths I've come to love at events, cause I have less work to do! So here I am getting it from the too many angles!

I'm kind of bummed though, no fault of my picture partner but I wish I'd known I could have gotten my picture taken with a Storm Trooper or an Asian chick!

Or better yet a Pizza! oh man!

Hey is there room at this party for Boba (Fett Yea motha fucker)?

More to come on this!

Stay Strong,



Horse said...

Coolness! :D Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

SamProof said...


yea it was a good time. Though I'm pretty sure we were in line twice as long as we stayed at the event :D

Stay Strong