Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crank Mobbed.

Hey Folks,

This morning I actually woke up before 3pm, in fact I was up at about 10 am.
I had to be up to meet up with BrittaniTaylor aka rhondaanthonytanner and be a thug in her Crank 2 spoof video which will come out later this week.

I took a couple behind the scenes photos, but I left my cable at home so all I have to show for it is this Dailybooth photo of my mortal wounding, after I dropped a 160 pound guy on it. (as a side note... oops. I feel really bad about that, I gave that guy road rash!)

So today I'm crank-ing (huh huh, see what I did there?) through the footage I shot yesterday to get a video up in time for Easter. Then I'll finally finish editing the first of the two poetry collabs.

I'm so freaking busy!

Oh yea as a side note I changed the header graphic over at To reneact my last video. I'm going to try and keep changing the header with every new video (or at least every new significant video). Which means tomorrow there will be a new one for Easter.

Now I just need to score some crank to numb the pain in my finger... huh huh, crank.. see.. oh nevermind.

Stay Strong,