Sunday, February 22, 2009

LSD a trip backwards


Hey Folks,

So I wanted to try and catch up before I moved forward. My plan is to start doing blogs after every day or at least week of shooting for the documentary. I started filming back in 08, due to my subjects dialysis schedule, and my own life I shoot a day or two a week on average.

Dialysis tends to leave Luis sleeping for a large chunk of the day, so on those days we don't bother filming (yet). I think we'll explore this aspect of his life in the future.

Currently my main focus is on his art and his process; I've spent several days watching him prep canvas, cover them in plaster and paint. This includes a few short time lapse exposures.

Hopefully soon I can put up some pictures from the set, pictures of the artwork and maybe some of the time lapse footage. I'm still debating if I should just put them up on my own youtube channel, or start yet another channel for this project alone (comments on this appreciated).

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SamProof said...

BTW I'm uploading more pic of the artist and some work at indiegogo

Click the media tab (scroll down, in the center)

WritingJonah said...

I think you shouls make another channel for it. It'd make it easier for the ones not interested (I doubt there's enough to make a club out of them) to stick to the "normal" vlogs you do.

I'm curious, how'd you figure out you should be filming a documentary?