Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ah, Life

Yesterday was filled with awesome douchbaggery and then made better hanging with real friends watching improv and then drinking. Yay drinking.

Today I was looking forward to rehearsal of my new sketch. However my actress just booked a paying gig that's taking her away to Europe instead. So I'm scrambling to find a new actress, reschedule rehearsals and still get the sketch up at UCB Friday.

In the mean time it looks like I've picked up another sketch to direct and shoot for my new addition to my writing group, Renie. (she has some shiny shiny pants - how could I say 'no'?)
So I have to work that in to my schedule before the 9th (when she leaves town as well)

Plus I just rescheduled my documentary soot to tomorrow.

Looks like the word of the day is 'Reschedule' or 'Suck it'

Oh yea new video is currently being edited, I'll probably get it up tomorrow morning since I don't have practice tonight.

Stay Strong,