Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 hr. Video Challenge - Round 1

So was our first ever Short Race. I was joined by the beautiful and funny Amy Vorphal as my co-host. Missycam and TiaAyres joined me representing LA teams, and TheFalsetruth from one of the two web teams was in the stickam live chat.

All and all it went off pretty well, despite a series of technical problems right up to the last minute before going live. Talk about I could not connect to the internet!

We gave out the video missions and had some fun. You can find the run down at the Short Race Forums

Crossing my fingers that there are videos on the site in 12 hours, but I have a feeling this first round (and possibly the next few) will just be test runs.

A new video mission will be given out this Sunday and you can either help make the mission or partake in it.

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